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DVCCC Board Meeting

The Cosmopolitan Club, 1616 Latimer St in Center CIty Philadelphia

Now that the club year has restarted, DVCCC will kick off its planning for the 2014-15 Season with a Fall board meeting.

On the agenda will be:

  • Improving communication with both clubs and members. There are dozens of great activities that your shooters often do not know about
  • Creating a more dynamic web presence. The web page should not just inform but most importantly direct prospective members to your clubs.
  • Assembling updated databases of programs and judges. Finding them is the most difficult job we face as club officers, but it can be easier.
  • Planning for our traditional events, the Spring Foto Fling and Travel Photo Circuit, with an eye to increasing participation.

At the summer meeting, the board discussed several exciting initiatives at length, including re-inventing the Spring Fling, creating newsletters for publicizing both Council and noteworthy club events to club members, and putting more current information on the website.

At the fall meeting, we would like to gather input from the clubs and begin working on these projects.

We are far flung, and not able to meet often face to face, so the President would like the meeting to be brief, an hour and a half or so, and oriented toward getting projects rolling.

With everyone working together, we can accomplish great things. See you there!